Atypical Development Initiative

The Malone Family Foundation wishes to announce a new initiative to fund education and service centers for developmentally atypical children.

WHAT: Two grant programs will be initiated. The first will fund developmentally based educational and service delivery centers for children with developmental challenges. The second will fund curriculum development for this population, primarily within the context of these centers.

WHO: Applicants must have public nonprofit status with the IRS. Potential applicants may include groups of support professionals (speech, occupational, music, art therapists, teachers) or institutions such as universities wishing to establish centers to meet the merged educational, pre-vocational and therapeutic needs of children with traits associated with developmental syndromes such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Joint venture applications will be considered if they are robust and specific.

WHERE: In the United States.

HOW: The grant for the establishment of centers will be competitive and awarded to one organization per year. This is a seed grant with some matching grant characteristics and the opportunity to apply for further funding after five years of documented compliance. The application process is extensive, specific, and designed to assist the organization in solidifying mission and building capacity. Previous foundation grants are not required.

WHEN: Applications must be received by April 1.

Please send a simple, one page, letter of interest with basic background information about your organization to and we will determine if your organization is qualified to submit an application. If so, we will then forward application guidelines.

Any decision to award a grant will be made in the sole and absolute discretion of the Malone Family Foundation. There is no guarantee that every eligible applicant will be awarded a grant, and no guarantee that an applicant that has been awarded a grant in the past will be awarded a grant again in the future.