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Assessing/Testing for Giftedness:

The Davidson Institute provides on its website a comprehensive library of gifted/talented resources:


The “Browse By Topic” Section on that page provides an incredibly comprehensive resource guide. Under its “Assessment” heading, there are four subtopics [Achievement Tests, Characteristics, Intelligence Tests, Identification] that offer a comprehensive listing of resources in each subject area, from lists of giftedness characteristics to organizations, websites, competitions, and books that will provide practical guidance in identifying, assessing and supporting gifted students.

The aforementioned website of The Gifted Development Center in Denver, CO, lists typical giftedness characteristics and several other articles written by its Director, Linda Silverman, Ph.D., as well as those of other experts. After accessing the link, http://www.gifteddevelopment.com, click on each of “What is Giftedness?,” “Characteristics,” and “The Profoundly Gifted” under the “What is Giftedness” heading on the sidebar.

And, as promised earlier, following are additional sites defining or explaining giftedness:

So…What is Giftedness? The definitions and analyses in the resources above attempt to explain the subject of our focus at the Malone Family Foundation. More links to information on gifted organizations, study, programs, and alternatives are listed on our "Expert Resources" page.


Identifying Giftedness

Assessing/Testing for Giftedness